WSM 11.2 – Focus on Mobility Pt. 3

Device Preview Next to the Mobile Preview that has been released in version 11.2 of Web Site Management there is another functionality called Device Preview which is also brand new and in the focus of this post. So first of all what is the difference between the Mobile Preview and the Device Preview? Pretty easy. … More WSM 11.2 – Focus on Mobility Pt. 3


Sneak Preview “Mobile Frontend in WSM 11.2”

Next to the preview option for mobile devices the introduction of the mobile frontend is another major feature of OpenTexts Web Site Management V 11.2. The user interface of the mobile frontend has been created by the UXD team (User Experience Design) and the functionality has been implemented by the R&D team in Oldenburg/Germany; so … More Sneak Preview “Mobile Frontend in WSM 11.2”

Sneak Preview “Mobile Preview in WSM 11.2”

Recently I’ve been in Oldenburg (Germany) again and heard some news regarding version 11.2 of the Management Server. Next to lots of other cool features the Management Server 11.2 will provide a preview for mobile devices (phones/tablets). The reason why I find this very important is the likelihood of having more and more mobile web … More Sneak Preview “Mobile Preview in WSM 11.2”

People & Content

Over the last months/years I repeatedly read posts at SolutionExchange, Google Groups and other platforms about the OpenText Delivery Server and what the positive result can be when it’s used in projects/on websites. The headlines of most of the posts I read were pretty basic: “What can I do with OT Delivery Server?”  “What is … More People & Content