Evil eye

This article describes some general ideas and approaches in regards to project planningย  and avoiding unexpected situations. Most of the things I write about are probably not very new or supprisingly but I find it useful to write them down. So if you don’t want to see evil eyes looking into your direction … read … More Evil eye


For those of you who might be interested to follow me on Twitter: Please be aware of the fact, that my Twitter account is not mschnitger but Sportdirektor. If someone would like to know the story behind this…just ask ๐Ÿ˜‰

Handling CSS/JS

In this artice I describe ways how to improve the maintainance of CSS & JS files and how even the performance in SmartEdit can be enhanced with just simple modifications regarding the referencing of those files. 10 years ago web sites were mainly build using HTML and very little CSS & JS. The CSS and … More Handling CSS/JS

RQL development with Open Text Management Server 11

Today I’d just like to write a few lines about the changes regarding the RQL programming in version 11 of the Management Server (scheduled for the end of the year.) The change I’ll describe might sound like a totally different approach (and that is possible when looking behind the scenes) but the impact for you … More RQL development with Open Text Management Server 11